Dreamwork Workshop – July 11, 2021

Melbourne Men’s Group facilitates and offers experiential seminars to women and men on a range of topics with the objective of promoting and deepening self-awareness and personal growth.

Facilitated by Chris Caldwell ♦ this workshop focuses on developing an understanding of the dream phenomenon.

We will explore dreams as a:

  • healing mechanism
  • resource for personal growth and
  • personal and collective artifact of power and beauty.

The workshop will be devoted to forming a useful working definition of the dreaming function, the difficulties that we have in translating this communication into active, waking life and, using several different methods of understanding dream content, deepen our contact with the dreamworld.

We will practice these methods, using demonstrations, individually and collectively.

The intention of the day is to increase our understanding of the dreamworld, and to familiarise ourselves with useful tools to access and gain personal insight and value.

Date: Sunday July 11, 9AM – 5PM

Venue: Currawong Bush Park Conference Room – 277 Reynolds Road, Warrandyte

Investment: $95

♦ Chris Caldwell is a counselling psychologist, supervisor, teacher and group facilitator with over 40 years’ experience.

Chris has explored and trained in diverse fields during his practitioner career including the body mind model of Wilhelm Reich, formal meditation and yoga trainings in Australia and India, extensive practice in dreamwork and depth psychology as initiated by Carl Jung and extended into the transpersonal work of Stanislav Grof.

Over the past decade, he has explored the shamanic healing model including the remedial use of plant medicines, particularly those indigenous to central and South America.