Wild Breathwork


Join us at Currawong Bush Park (Doncaster East) in the conference room for a group Breathwork experience.


David Mallard ^ President of Melbourne Men’s Group, facilitates a half day (1PM-5PM) group breathwork experience – open to all genders – with support from James Munro and Megan Haberle.

Breathwork is a breathing technique. It is:

  • a tool for inner work using full, conscious, connected breathing
  • a technique that can provide resolution and clearing of issues, patterns and beliefs on a cellular level
  • spontaneous and organic
  • beyond the mundane
  • a sacred, soulful experience

The breath is one of the most powerful transformative tools we have to access our essence and potential. Breathwork uses the breath (full, conscious, connected breathing) to clear unresolved issues, limiting beliefs and past events in our lives that are standing in the way of us reaching our potential, allowing our fulfilment of dreams and feeling alive, happy and inspired. It is a participant focused self-generated process.

Every session is different as Breathwork is an organic, self-generated process. Clients can have a physical, emotional, mental and/or spiritual experience during their session (usually a combination of a few of these). Experiences can include:


  • changes of temperature (feeling hot or cold)
  • tightness, tingling, cramping, numbness
  • a feeling of energy (electricity) through the body


  • release/awareness of sadness, anger, fear and/or joy


  • memories of past events, relationships, early childhood and even birth and conception
  • awareness of patterns, conditioning, limiting decisions and beliefs, and the ability to clear these thoughts over time


  • memories of past lifetimes
  • deep relaxation and a sense of bliss
  • connection to self/spirit/universe
  • experiences of meditation.