Exploring Wholeness


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David Mallard ^ President of Melbourne Men’s Group, facilitates a one day introductory program that references the groundbreaking  Soulcraft™ and ‘Wild Mind’ body of work developed by Bill Plotkin PhD founder of Colorado’s Animas Valley Institute.

During the workshop we’ll explore the ‘Nature Based Map of the Human Psyche’ (the ‘Wild Mind’ map) and will discuss:

  • the integrated field of spirit, ego and soul
  • the soul-repressive character of modernity and contemporary culture
  • the largely untapped internal capacities gifted to us by nature
  • our fragmented and/or wounded parts, the ‘sub-personalities’ – limiting our uniqueness and authenticity
  • how to walk the journey of healing, and more importantly, wholing.

As part of the day we will use multiple practices to shift perspective and promote the journey inward that include:

  • sharing in council
  • accessing our deep imagination
  • praising the others during a solo wander in the bush
  • a consciousness shifting breathwork session accompanied by art-therapy.

Date to be confirmed.