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Melbourne Men's Group Seminars

home Melbourne Men’s Group facilitates and supports half/one day experiential seminars tinidazole no prescription to women and men on a range of topics with the objective of promoting and deepening self-awareness and personal growth.

Seminar Facilitators

A key facilitator for many Melbourne Men’s Group Inc. seminars is Chris Caldwell.

Chris is a registered psychologist, supervisor, bodyworker, educator and facilitator with more than thirty years’ experience in personal counselling and therapy, group process and classroom teaching.

He lectured and was the counselling co-ordinator for 10 years at the Phoenix Institute, and was humanities co-ordinator for 10 years at the Southern School of Natural Therapies.

Amongst other things, Chris currently consults widely and teaches transpersonal counselling at the IKON Institute of Australia.

Chris’s passion is in deepening his understanding of traditional and indigenous cosmology and healing methods for self development and to provide effective support for others at this time.

wikipedia reference There are no Chris Caldwell seminars currently scheduled.