The story of Melbourne Men’s Group

In April 1998, a personal growth program developed for men called ‘Man’s Inner Journey’ (MIJ) was founded by the extraordinary husband and wife team, Diane McCann and Robert Mathews of Adelaide’s Beyond the Ordinary.

Inspired by the MIJ experience Roger Hilton, Keith Haberle and David Mallard established a Men’s group to support and facilitate something quite rare for men in our prevailing culture – regular, authentic and heartfelt communication. Over the journey, the men’s group has gone from strength to strength, actively supporting men’s personal growth. It partnered with Diane McCann and Robert Mathews who facilitated more than 40 MIJ workshops, transforming the lives of hundreds of men Australia wide, while also expanding in membership, meeting locations and influence.

MMG continues its primary focus of supporting men to be the best version of themselves. We encourage men to serve themselves, their families, and tend to the prevailing egocentric culture so in need of emotionally literate, mature, balanced and insightful role models. More specifically, in a prevailing Australian culture that continues to socialise boys and men within the confines of an ‘emotional straight-jacket’, our purpose is to facilitate and enhance men’s:

  • sense of community (to minimise chronic isolation)
  • wellbeing and mental resilience, and
  • emotional intelligence and personal accountability.

Governance: Melbourne Men’s Group Inc. (ABN19722502215) was formally incorporated in 2015 as a volunteer based, not for profit association (No. A0092192U) and registered charity and is endorsed by the Australian Taxation Office as a Deductible Gift Recipient (Tax Deductible status).  MMG currently has more than 1,500 participants registered on our Meetup site and operates from 4 locations across Melbourne.  The association is overseen by a Council of organisation members consistent with Consumer Affairs Victoria, Associations Incorporation Reform Act 2012.  The current office holders are David Mallard (President), Damian Podbury (Vice President & Treasurer) and Lyndon Coon (Secretary).