Men’s Group Meetings

Men's Group Meeting Testimonials

Melbourne Men’s Group meetings are open to any man willing to participate. By attending meetings, you can:

  • reduce isolation by developing authentic connections
  • be listened to and genuinely heard
  • feel safe sharing feelings and perspectives
  • speak honestly, openly and confidentially without judgement.

By participating in meetings we agree that:

  • to the best of our ability, we speak, and listen, from the heart and share how we are feeling
  • whoever holds the ‘talking stick’, holds the floor and everyone else listens
  • you can pass along the ‘talking stick’ without any obligation to speak
  • the talking circle is a space where you are heard and immediate comment is not offered by other participants
  • (Our experience over many years tells us that providing immediate feedback can be a barrier to free, authentic and ongoing sharing as the feedback is often attached to an unconscious ‘judgement’)
  • we do not seek to solve issues or otherwise ‘fix’ anyone, because our belief is that you are are not ‘broken’ – however you can never learn less!
  • counselling and/or professional advice is not offered nor provided at meetings,
  • feedback from other group members can be sought after the Talking Circle is closed
  • anything discussed within the ‘Talking Circle’ remains completely confidential.
Meeting Logistics and Dates:

Meetings commence at 7:30PM and there are typically between 15-30 participants at each Men’s Group meeting. The meetings are held in Collingwood, Highett, Werribee South and Warrandyte.

  1. Central North Fitzroy – 1st Tuesday of the Month
    Address: Bargoonga Nganjin, North Fitzroy Library – Seminar Room 1, 182-186 St Georges Road, North Fitzroy 3068
  2. Southern – Highett – 2nd Tuesday of the Month
    Address: Highett Neighbourhood Community House, 2 Livingston Street, Highett, 3190
  3. Western – Werribee South – 3rd Tuesday of the Month
    Address: Soldiers Memorial Hall, 450 Diggers Road (corner Whites Road) Werribee South.
  4. Eastern – Warrandyte – 4th Tuesday of the Month
    Address: The conference room at Currawong Bush Park, 277 Reynolds Road, Warrandyte, 3113. (Near the start/end of Springvale Road).

Contributions to cover the cost of the Men’s group meeting facilities etc are greatly appreciated.