Men’s Group Meetings

Men's Group Meeting Testimonials

Melbourne Men’s Group meetings are open to any man willing to participate. By attending meetings, you can:

  • reduce isolation by developing authentic connections
  • be listened to and genuinely heard
  • feel safe sharing feelings and perspectives
  • speak honestly, openly and confidentially without judgement.

By participating in meetings we agree that:

  • to the best of our ability, we speak, and listen, from the heart and share how we are feeling
  • whoever holds the ‘talking stick’, holds the floor and everyone else listens
  • you can pass along the ‘talking stick’ without any obligation to speak
  • the talking circle is a space where you are heard and immediate comment is not offered by other participants
  • (Our experience over many years tells us that providing immediate feedback can be a barrier to free, authentic and ongoing sharing as the feedback is often attached to an unconscious ‘judgement’)
  • we do not seek to solve issues or otherwise ‘fix’ anyone, because our belief is that you are are not ‘broken’ – however you can never learn less!
  • counselling and/or professional advice is not offered nor provided at meetings,
  • feedback from other group members can be sought after the Talking Circle is closed
  • anything discussed within the ‘Talking Circle’ remains completely confidential.
Meeting Logistics and Dates:

Meetings commence at 7:30PM and there are typically between 15-30 participants at each Men’s Group meeting. The meetings are held in Collingwood, Highett, Werribee South and Warrandyte. Visit our MeetUp site to register for the next meeting.

  1. Central North Fitzroy – 1st Tuesday of the Month
    Address: Bargoonga Nganjin, North Fitzroy Library – Seminar Room 1, 182-186 St Georges Road, North Fitzroy 3068
  2. Southern – Highett – 2nd Tuesday of the Month
    Address: Highett Neighbourhood Community House, 2 Livingston Street, Highett, 3190
  3. Western – Werribee South – 3rd Tuesday of the Month
    Address: Soldiers Memorial Hall, 450 Diggers Road (corner Whites Road) Werribee South.
  4. Eastern – Warrandyte – 4th Tuesday of the Month
    Address: The conference room at Currawong Bush Park, 277 Reynolds Road, Warrandyte, 3113. (Near the start/end of Springvale Road).

Contributions: Melbourne Men’s Group Inc is a not for profit volunteer organisation and registered charity – contributions to support our work can be made in our our shop on the home page. Thanks!