Animas Valley Institute

Founded by Bill Plotkin in 1980 — offers multi-day immersions into the wilds of nature and psyche for the purpose of retrieving the unique, mysterious identity hidden in the soul-waters of each life. Animas originated and continues to evolve a contemporary Western, nature-based approach to the journey of soul initiation — to our knowledge, the first of its kind. Represented in Australia by Soulcraft ANZ Inc.

Beyond the Ordinary

Transformational personal growth programs for 40 years including Tantra for couples and the Goddess Within for women.

Men's Group Info

This is a website co-created in 2011 by three good men, Brett Churnin, Mike Britton and Dan Frybort. The purpose of the site is to demystify what a Men’s Group is and how it works and to support men across the world to create and sustain effective Men’s Groups.

MensLine Australia

MensLine Australia is a professional telephone and online support and information service for Australian men.

Pathways Foundation

The Pathways Foundation is a National harm prevention charity that assists young people make the fundamental emotional shift from being a child to becoming a young adult. The way Pathways does this is by providing contemporary, community based Rites of Passage for young boys and girls.

Rights of Passage Vision Quests

Rites of Passage offers Vision Quests, Workshops and Trainings that bring people into a deep encounter with the natural world, exploring the human-nature connection to reflect and transform the inner world.

The Mankind Project

The ManKind project is another great Men’s program to consider.

Thomas Berry and the 'Great Work'

Thomas Berry was one of the most eminent cultural historians of our time. His profound ecological insight illuminates the path we need to take in the realms of ethics, politics, economics, and education if both we and the planet are to survive.

Cecil's Hub

Cecil’s Men’s Hub is a Community portal to help Men connect to each other, and to Men’s Work. To share and help them to break down the Stereotypical description that Men do not talk, are not in touch with their emotions, ultimately to improve the Male role in society.

The Man Box Research

A study on being a young man in Australia is the first comprehensive study that focuses on the attitudes to manhood and the behaviours of young Australian men aged 18 to 30.

Griefline Inc Presentation

A presentation to Griefline Inc. in August 2016 by Melbourne Men’s Group called ‘Living a Man’s Life in Today’s World’.

Men's Social Connectedness

Beyond Blue research paper to understand how men perceive and
experience social connectedness.

Recommended Reading List

A list of books useful for Men’s development that we suggest.