Exploring Wholeness Workshop

The Melbourne Men’s Group team facilitates experiential seminars for all genders on a range of topics with the objective of promoting and deepening self-awareness and personal growth.

David Mallard ^ President of Melbourne Men’s Group, facilitates a one day introductory program that references the groundbreaking  Soulcraft™ and ‘Wild Mind’ body of work developed by Bill Plotkin PhD founder of Colorado’s Animas Valley Institute.

During the workshop we’ll explore the ‘Nature Based Map of the Human Psyche’ (the ‘Wild Mind’ map) and will discuss:

  • the integrated field of spirit, ego and soul
  • the soul-repressive character of modernity and contemporary culture
  • the largely untapped internal capacities gifted to us by nature
  • our fragmented and/or wounded parts, the ‘sub-personalities’ – limiting our uniqueness and authenticity
  • how to walk the journey of healing, and more importantly, wholing.

As part of the day we will use multiple practices to shift perspective and promote the journey inward that include:

  • sharing in council
  • accessing our deep imagination
  • praising the others during a solo wander in the bush
  • a consciousness shifting breathwork session accompanied by art-therapy.

Date: Saturday March 19, 2022 9AM – 5PM

Venue: Currawong Bush Park Conference Room – 277/285  Reynolds Road, Warrandyte

Investment: $149.95

David is a uniquely experienced trainer, coach, mentor, guide, adviser and consultant. He has been deeply involved in men’s development work for 25 years and co-founded Melbourne Men’s Group Inc. in 1998 with Dr. Roger Hilton. David is trained in Breathwork, accredited in the DiSC personality profile, holds a Cert. IV in Training & Assessment and has Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees.  He has extensive senior executive leadership experience in corporate Australia working closely with CEO’s and Boards – in parallel with that experience he has facilitated, coached and guided hundreds of men’s group meetings, workshops and seminars.

Amongst other things, David is a member of the Soulcraft ANZ Inc. Leadership Council and is a student in the professional Wild Mind Training Program (WMTP) offered by the Animas Valley Institute of Colorado. The WMTP is a new paradigm for human development designed to cultivate ‘wholeness’, and engender true adults and visionary artisans of cultural renaissance.

What people have said about previous Soulwork workshops:

One Sunday I put the books down, stopped grasping to understand, and spent a day in the bush with Dave for a Soulwork session. It was a leap of faith well rewarded, a day away from the comfortably familiar, glimpsing what’s “dark to the mind, radiant to the heart”. The Soulwork day offered me the space and opportunity to surrender preconceptions about myself, step off my over-examined path, and simply sit back and see what would be revealed. Dave is the perfect guide – relaxed, supportive, experienced but still exploring the path – and the bushland setting a tranquil retreat. I came away raw but euphoric and with a glimpse of a new, sometimes uncomfortable but necessary path toward wholeness. For me there’s no substitute for what the Soulwork day offers. Begin.


A day full of discoveries for the mind, the heart, and the body. I felt fed by David’s deep knowledge as well as group conversations and mutual support.


The Soulwork workshop is an amazing introduction for people to rediscover their authentic selves…It will challenge the way we think about who we are in this world, and in the scheme of the universe. Get ready and be awed! 


I loved Soulwork Day! David was great at distilling and sharing his wisdom. I loved how the Soulwork ideas deepen understanding of self, soul and connection to others. Currawong Bush Park was perfect for reconnecting and communing with nature. David is also experienced at facilitating healing techniques like breathwork, and in guiding men through vulnerable feelings. I always felt in capable hands! Thankyou!


I want to wake up and escape the Matrix, but not be faced with a world of doom and gloom!” That’s a possibility I feel after spending the day learning about Soulwork. It offers a way to get around our ego and unconscious programming and go deeper into our true identity. To find out who we were born to be and the gifts we have to offer! I left excited, excited at the potential, excited to learn more and excited to be a little more awake! I would recommend this work to anyone and everyone, young or elder, who knows that there is more to this life! I can’t wait to do more!